The Vintage Aviator - Gallery / by sandy sutherland

As mentioned in the last blog post, earlier this year I got the chance to visit Hood Aerodrome in Masterton, home of  The Vintage Aviator. This is an amazing collection of WW1 aircraft, many of which are still fully functional flying machines. It was a great chance to find out about the history of the planes, the early design ideas of the time, and also just how fast things developed over the period of the war. This was still a time where the rules of flight were still being figured out.

I took a stack of photos during the visit, with the goal of recording a lot of the small details of the planes, what materials they are made of and how the surfaces react to light. I also took a bunch of video which I may post at some stage.


Follow this link to go to the full page gallery - The Vintage Aviator GALLERY